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Test drive an ongoing group with other people who are also passionate about enjoying richly rewarding careers and personal relationships. During these fun, informative classes, you discover how to be rewarded for being YOU! -- Your Authentic Self.

Your teleclass leader is Doris Helge, Ph.D., Certified Master Coach and author of #1 Bestselling Books like "Transforming Pain Into Power" and "Joy on the Job," now published in many foreign languages.


“Transform a Painful Relationship into a Powerful Partnership”  

Have you ever struggled with a conflict with any of these people?

  • boss, employer, or co-worker? 
  • mate, ex-partner, in-laws or friends? 

I'd like to share PROVEN techniques with you so you can turn a painful relationship into a peaceful, powerful partnership. Take advantage of this special introductory offer.

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“How to Transform a Painful Relationship into a Powerful Partnership” Weekly Teleclasses

Conflicts with your mate, ex-partner, in-laws or people at work? It's time to create the rich, rewarding relationships you deserve. Take advantage of this special introductory offer.

  • Do you want to transform a painful relationship into a powerful partnership?
  • Do you want more inner peace and personal power?
  • Enjoy a proven teleclass series that will change your life!

Wednesdays, at 9 pm ET. Sign up even if you cannot attend on those specific dates because you’ll always receive all class materials and recordings. This class is very special. You can attend from any location you prefer. You’ll listen to the class by calling a telephone bridgeline. If you cannot attend on a class date, you’ll still receive all “Secrets of Rewarding Relationships Guides & Worksheets” plus access to recordings of every class. You learn even more with this special format because you can listen to what we discuss over and over, any time, in private and at your convenience.

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